PG Practice Algernon writeup


sudo nmap -p- -sV -sS    

21/tcp    open  ftp           Microsoft ftpd
80/tcp    open  http          Microsoft IIS httpd 10.0
135/tcp   open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
139/tcp   open  netbios-ssn   Microsoft Windows netbios-ssn
445/tcp   open  microsoft-ds?
9998/tcp  open  http          Microsoft IIS httpd 10.0
17001/tcp open  remoting      MS .NET Remoting services
Service Info: OS: Windows; CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows

Port 80 redirects to the default IIS page.

Port 9998 directs us to the following login page for SmarterMail.

Researching exploits for SmarterMail on Google we come across an interesting exploit:

Looking at the description for this is exploit we have the following:

Looking at the nmap results from earlier we do have .NET remoting running on port 17001. As such this exploit should be applicable to the target machine.

I downloaded the exploit and edited the following portion to match my IP and to use the local port of 21.

I then set up a netcat listener for port 21.

sudo nc -lvp 21

Then executed the exploit and received a reverse shell as SYSTEM.

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