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What It Does


Keeps results focused on sites that have links to the file types that you specify

ext: docx

Returns only web pages with the file extension that you specify

filetype: pdf

Returns only web pages created in the file type that you specify

intitle: 2019 inbody: wimbledon

Returns only web pages that contain the specified term in the metadata


Finds sites that are hosted by a specific IP address

Language: fr

Returns only web pages for a certain language (requires the language code)

loc: US

Returns only web pages from a specific country/region. To focus on two or more, use a logical OR to group them (requires the country or region code)

prefer: history

Adds emphasis to a search term or another operator to help focus the results


Returns web pages that belong to a specific website. Also works for TLDs (such as site:edu)

feed: Technology

Finds RSS or Atom feeds about the search term

site: hasfeed: world

Finds web pages that contain an RSS or Atom feed on a website for the terms you search for


Checks whether the domain or URL is in the Bing index



Advanced Search Page:

Linked examples:

PDF Guide:

Google has a large variety of search operators. It would be advisable to download and consult the above linked PDF.


Search Syntax:


cats dogs

Results about cats or dogs

"cats and dogs"

Results for exact term "cats and dogs". If no results are found, we'll try to show related results.

cats -dogs

Fewer dogs in results

cats +dogs

More dogs in results

cats filetype: pdf

PDFs about cats. Supported file types: pdf, doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), html

dogs site:

Pages about dogs from

cats -site:

Pages about cats, excluding

intitle: dogs

Page title includes the word "dogs"

inurl: cats

Page url includes the word "cats"


Append to search to turn on Safe Search


Append to search to turn off Safe Search

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