Host Discovery

ARP Discovery

# arp-scan:
sudo arp-scan -I tap0 <IP>/24

# Nmap:
sudo nmap -n -sn <IP>/24 -PR -oG - | awk '/Up$/{print $2}'

ICMP Discovery

# fping: Ping sweep
fping  -a -g <IP>/24 2> /dev/nul

# fping: sweep, generate statistics and list alive hosts
fping -asgq <CIDR>/<IP>

# Nmap: Ping sweep and save to file
nmap -n -sn <IP>/24 -oG - | awk '/Up$/{print $2}' >> nmapresults.txt

Ping and ARP scan (combined)

fping  -a -g <IP> 2> /dev/null | sudo nmap -n -sn <IP> -PR -oG - | awk '/Up$/{print $2}' | uniq -u > AliveHosts.txt


For host discovery such as the command above we should also use non ICMP scanning techniques in the event ICMP is blocked on a host and we miss it. We can use the following command below to perform a TCP scan sweep.

nmap -n -sn -PS <IP>/24


nmap -n -sn -PA <IP>/24

UDP Ping Scan

Useful for bypassing firewalls that filter TCP traffic and allow UDP traffic. By default a UDP scan will scan ports 40 and 125.

nmap -sn -sU <IP>/24

Reverse DNS Lookup

nmap -R -sL <IP>/24

Additional Nmap Parameters



Exclude name resolution


reverse-DNS lookup


only perform host discovery (No port scan)


List targets that will be scanned

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