Target Acquisition

Target acquisition through PsMapExec is utilized through ADSI Searcher. As long as you are operating from a domain joined system as a domain user account, no issues should be encountered when acquiring targets.

By default only enabled Active Directory computer accounts are populated into the target list. IP Address targeting and CIDR ranges are supported but are less preferred than using ADSI methods.


PsMapExec -Targets [Targets]

The following parameters are supported for -Targets

# Grabs all workstations and Servers and Domain Controllers from the domain
PsMapExec -Targets All

# Grabs only servers from the domain (Excludes DCs)
PsMapExec -Targets Servers

# Grabs only Domain Controllers from the domain
PsMapExec -Targets DCs

# Grabs only workstations from the domain
PsMapExec -Targets Workstations

# Set the target values to a defined computer name
PsMapExec -Targets DC01.Security.local

# Wildcard selection
PsMapExec -Targets SRV0*

# Gather targets from file 
PsMapExec -Targets C:\Targets.txt

# Single IP Address
PsMapExec -Targets

# CIDR Range
PsMapExec -Targets

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