A simple method, Inject is used to inject a kerberos ticket in memory. There are two primary reasons for performing this method

  • You do not have any kerberos tickets already in memory, for example when working from a non-domain joined system

  • You wish to revert to different "credentials" after performing impersonation in PsMapExec


A base64 encoded Kerberos ticket can be supplied to the -Ticket parameter either directly into the console or can be loaded from file.

the username switch does not need to be provided as a valid kerberos ticket will contain the intended username for the ticket anyway.

PsMapExec -Method Inject -Ticket "doIhsj..."
PsMapExec -Method Inject -Ticket "C:\ticket.txt"

Username and Hash

A username and hash combination can also be provided for authentication. The following hashes are currently accepted:

  • RC4 / NT

  • NTLM

  • AES256 HMAC

PsMapExec -Method Inject -Username [User] -Hash [Hash]

Username and Password

Of course a traditional username and password combination is also supported. If the provided password contains a "$" ensure the password is wrapped in single quotes.

PsMapExec Method Inject -Username [User] -Password [Password]

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